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Images provided by Stephen Brace and Jason Hargrove

have not been altered and are used in compliance with CC License.


Emm Benaki 100

10681 Athens Greece


0030 6937742961

Claudio Bolivar GSC


I was born in Paris in 1974 I moved to London at the age of seven where I lived until the age of seventeen. I then moved to Greece where I studied cinematography.

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I have been a director of photography since 2000 and one of the founders of the Greek Society of Cinematographers. 

I have shot more then twenty short films, fifty documentaries and 14 feature films. 

I have worked on many TV documentary series as well as feature film documentaries.




Feature films

 Blue Eyed Gian
Standing Aside, Watching

Short films

Photo by Nikos Pandazara

Music Videos

Coming as a friend
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